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ZPHC Testosterone Enanthate 250mg ml Reviews

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ZPHC Testosterone enanthate is a long ester that stays in the body for 8 days.It is a natural androgen and a derivative of testosterone.It is used in women and children for therapeutic purposes, for strengthening and for anesthesia.It provides strength and muscle development in athletes.It works very quickly and is well combined with other doping drugs.

It’s one of the most preferred combinations, if not the most commonly used by everybody.Deca boldenone trenbolone etc. these should not be used without testosterone.Testosterone enanthate is gradually released in the body.To put it simply, it’s the hormone of masculinity.It is possible to obtain quite effective outstanding results with the products it is combined in muscle development.Testosterone propionate also contains all testosterone hormones, such as testosterone cypionate.The effect of the test can be done on only testo spheres, but it varies from person to person.Patients and athletes generally prefer long-estered steroids rather than frequent injections.

ZPHC Testosterone increases the ability of men to have children, and has been the most popular type of testosterone ever used.It is also cheap and easy to obtain.When testosterone levels rise, it is possible to see rapid recovery and strength in the body.It allows muscles to grow faster than normal, and proteins are better evaluated and protein synthesis significantly increased.When the testosterone hormone is taken, significantly more muscle mass is achieved over time.Testosterone plays an active role in rough, deep voice, sex drive, agility, and muscle growth.Gaining muscle mass is a very effective hormone in fat burning and gaining strength


Weekly 250mg/1ml is ideal for initial use.This dosage is sufficient for an athlete who has never used steroids before.Because it’s a long ester, one shot a week will be enough.The average weekly dose is 500-1000mg.

EXEMPLE: Generally, it is combined with all steroids.Especially with anapolon(oxymetholone),danabol,deca,boldenone,trenbolone, it gives very effective results.

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